4 Ways To Avoid Getting Your Car Stolen

Most of us don’t think about car theft prevention until it’s too late. But the fact is, learning how to prevent a car theft is knowledge you need. Consider this: a vehicle is stolen every 44 second in the United States according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). While 50 percent are recovered, that somewhat encouraging figure doesn’t tell the whole story. Also, most car thefts are not random. They are intentional and financially driven. Most cars are stolen to be sold for parts. They are stripped in a matter of minutes and left abonded, unmarked and unidentifiable. But car thieves are mostly opportunistic. They will not steal a car that takes much effort to steal. They want easy thefts, so let’s not make it easy on them, shall we?

1. Secure your vehicle

Whenever you park your car, even in your own driveway, close and lock the windows/doors to help prevent car theft. This seems like a basic security tactic, but we all know how easy it is to become complacent. Although it makes the first moments you enter your car a tad uncomfortable, resist the temptation to leave windows cracked during the summer. Just make it a habit to lock your doors all the time.

2. Park intelligently

Again, car thieves are opportunistic. They are hoping you make it easy on them. Parking in dark, private areas does just that. So don’t do it. Park in well-lit, public areas. The more people the better. And if there are security cameras around, park close. Thieves don’t like an audience, so the more people the better.

3. Valuables don’t belong in your vehicle

Valuables offer even more incentive for thieves. Not only will they take your car, but they’ll take your possessions too. So keep valuables out of sight if you must leave them in your car. Secure items in your trunk or cover them to keep them from plain view.

4. Use a physical anti-theft device

Roughly 40 percent of insurance companies offer a premium discount for vehicles that have an antitheft device. That’s because these devices go a long way toward car theft prevention. Thieves are looking for an easy target, one they can conquer quickly without drawing attention to themselves. Physical anti-theft devices include vehicle immobilizer systems that prevent thieves from hotwiring your car. California, Florida and Texas are the nation’s leading car theft states, according to NHTSA data. If you live in one of them, researching anti-theft devices could save you some money on car insurance and spare you the aggravation of a car theft. To learn more about protecting your car, contact your independent Provident Insurance agent. We serve Plainfield, Greenwood, Avon, Brownsburg, Indianapolis, Carmel, Zionsville and the entire central Indiana area. Stop in one of our convenient locations to discuss your insurance needs today.