Compare Car Insurance Rates

How do I know if I’m getting a good deal on insurance?

That is the age-old question for any product or service. Am I getting the best price? And like any product or service, the only way to be somewhat sure about your insurance premiums is to shop around.

Annual comparison-shopping.

Experts suggest price-comparison shopping on a yearly basis. Take your exact policy and see what other insurance companies offer. That said, experts don’t suggest switching companies each year. If you can, take the information you learned during your price-comparison exercise and present it to your current insurance provider. Make them aware that other companies are charging less for the same coverage and ask them to match the price. Most insurance companies will do as you request. But you have to ask.

Things to think about.

When doing your price comparison there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Use your existing coverage as a baseline and get pricing for the exact same thing. Other companies may offer alternative coverage and that is fine, but at least get pricing on what you currently have. Second, consider customer service. Do an Internet search for customer service reviews for the companies you shop. A lower price may come with lower quality service.

Asking for a price reduction.

Once you have shopped other insurance companies and you have found lower costs. Take the information to your insurance provider. Call the customer service line and politely ask to speak to someone about your account. Don’t be demanding, angry or rude. This is business; it’s not personal. Tell them you have price quotes and would like them to adjust your premiums to match the best price. They may ask to see your pricing information so make sure you get it in writing from the other companies you shop. IF they won’t adjust your premiums, then be prepared to switch companies.

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