How keeping your home secure can reduce insurance costs

As we have discussed in other articles on this blog, insurance costs are calculated using probability. In other words, how likely something is to occur. So it goes without saying that homes in high-crime areas are more expensive to insure because the probability of a break-in is higher. Regardless where you live though, securing your home can help reduce your insurance costs. Here are some areas where you can help improve your safety and cut costs.

Install a burglar alarm – Many insurance companies give 10%-20% discounts for installing a burglar alarm. Statistics show that a burglar alarm can considerably reduce break-ins, thereby reducing claims from theft.

Add exterior lighting – Burglars love the dark. So, by adding motion-sensitive lighting to your property, you can prevent would-be thieves from making your home a target.

Update door locks – Adding locks or updating older locks can make doors more difficult to penetrate.

Hold mail while away – Don’t let mail stack up in your mailbox if you are away from your home for several days or more. Have the USPS hold your mail until your return. Stacks of mail, newspapers, or packages are a clear signal that you are not home.

Use light timers – Again, if away from the home overnight or longer, use timers to turn lights off and on to create the illusion of occupancy. If a burglar thinks someone is home, odds are they will avoid your house.

While many of these suggestions won’t proactively reduce your insurance costs, the best method to shrink your insurance bill is to reduce or eliminate claims. The more claims you have, the more your costs will increase. So, if you have experienced a home break in, you don’t want to repeat it. And while insurance is there to cover these unexpected costs, it isn’t good to repeat claims within a short time span.

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