Will my policy be cancelled if I have an accident

The short answer is no, but maybe. Many drivers will experience an accident at some point in their life. It’s unfortunate but true. If, and when, an insurance company decides to cancel a policy is based on many factors, but mostly involves the individuals driving history.

If the driver has a record of accidents, speeding and poor driving, there is a good chance the policy will be cancelled. At the very least, his or her premiums will go up. So what that means to the average driver is that a single accident generally does not lead to a cancelled policy — particularly if the accident wasn’t his or her fault. Insurance companies generally never penalize customers for accidents that aren’t’ their fault. There are exceptions to this, but they are rare.

In short, if your policy is cancelled it’s because the amount of risk is too great. So to prevent this, be a safe driver. Be alert. Be cautious. Wear your seat belt. Drive the speed limit. Drive defensively. Simply don’t cause accidents. That’s the best plan to lower rates!

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